Note: This is not a casting call.

This post has been made to reply to the many enquiries about becoming a Glitter Paradise Model.


Glitter Paradise choose very carefully the Ladies who represent the company for their Personalities.

So far Glitter Paradise Models are Strongs, Independents & Fun Ladies:
Professional Models, Artists, Singers or simply Girls who Kick Ass for been unique!!

All Colors, All Ages & All Sizes are welcome !

It is not because you are a professional model that you will be able to recieve and feature some Glitter Paradise items.


If you're interested in becoming part of Glitter Paradise Models,
tell us why by replying to this topic with a link to your portofolio.

If you prefer to do this by mail do it at:

And post: "mail sent" in this topic

If you don't have quality shots to show, please don't bother,
Phone shots or blurry ones will not be considered. Professional model or not, you'll need to be aware about photo quality to be able to feature Glitter Paradise's creations, Jewelries are not easy to shoot.


Glitter Paradise is really not interested in girls showing it all all off.
This company is not made to please men.
Sexy is ok, sexual is boring !!

You will need to stand out from the crowd to be chosen and if that's the case you will recieve a confirmation saying "Welcome to Glitter Paradise"

You will then join the many fabulous ladies who represent Glitter Paradise and be part of the familly.

You will recieve goodies for your futur shootings and you will be able to ask custom creations for special shooting themes.

In return you'll have to send High Resolution quality shots featuring your items on time.

Please don't get upset if you get no news.
Understand that I can not reply to everyone explaining why you are not chosen.
How ever pretty, popular or sweet you are, this has nothing to do with it.

Thank You Doll
Remember Keep Rocking, Always !


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